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Product Operations Intern

Our product operations (PO) intern will be responsible for app testing, which is essential for positive user experience and to guarantee product usability. Critical thinking, outstanding observation skills, and persistence are required to excel in this position. This PO intern will also support customer service and community management, helping users worldwide to learn more about our products, and leading them to venture into the world of PicCollage!

Product Operations Intern tasks

  1. App testing
  2. Bug reporting
  3. Community management

You’ll also learn more about...

  1. app optimization (ASO/Translations)
  2. event organizing
  3. office management
  4. planning and conducting user interview

We need someone who...

  1. is fluent in English
  2. is organized and committed
  3. learns fast and is not afraid of asking questions
  4. has patience
  5. is efficient and proactive

It’d be nice if you...

  1. are good at Japanese/Spanish/Italian/French/German
  2. are observant and creative
  3. love photo and video products

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