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Are you one of us?

Do you want to build fun and creative apps for millions of users around the world? Do you like challenging problems, talented coworkers, cool offices, flexible schedules? Are you self-motivated, proactive and always learning?

If so, come join us in building and growing popular photo and video products such as PicCollage, a top 10 photo app with over 140 million downloads! We are actively working on new algorithms, new UX and visual designs, new content, new product ideas and partnerships. If this gets you excited, we want to hear from you!

Select a position above to find out more, and fill out a quick form (or contact us at Note: Our open positions are located in Taipei, but we also have team members located in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and New York.

我們秉持著駭客精神,一起學習新技術,主動積極地發現並創造更多可能。 我們也樂於分享,定期在台北總部舉辦開發者或設計師的交流聚會, 與來自不同領域的人才共享技術與想法,也誠摯邀請你來與大家聊聊!

公司部落格記錄了我們技術的研究成果以及精采的活動實錄, 歡迎在Medium上追蹤我們!

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