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Financial Operations Manager

The Financial Operations Manager is responsible for the company's accounting, payroll and financial operations, and works closely with the management team to develop and implement operational and financial strategies to grow the impact of our company.


  1. Handle bookkeeping, monthly payroll and regular financial reports.
  2. Work with both our US & TW external accountants to generate financial statements.
  3. Work closely with the CEO and other key team members to develop company strategies.
  4. Review, plan and control operational budgets to align with business goals.
  5. Support interactions with our investors and business partners.
  6. Work on strategic projects, such as new monetization initiatives.


  1. Basic accounting knowledge (including bookkeeping, tax and payroll) for both Taiwan and US.
  2. A degree in finance, statistics, economics or accounting is preferred, but not required.
  3. Fluent in both English and Chinese, and comfortable working in a bilingual environment.
  4. Able to master software systems such as QuickBooks Online, Zenefits, Carta, etc.
  5. Has experience managing a small team or leading projects.
  6. Gets stuff done, eliminates obstacles, and works well with the team.
  7. Sees the big picture, and can prioritize and balance multiple tasks.
  8. Self-motivated, energetic and adaptable to a dynamic startup environment.