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Developer Intern

iOS / Android / Rails / AI

你熱愛 coding、有很強的學習能力,想在真槍實彈的環境發揮你的強大實力。 我們在找各種領域(iOS, Android, Rails, AI)的軟體開發實習生, 一起和資深開發者優化破億下載的產品、開發新功能!

身為開發實習生,除了對各種 CS 課程駕輕就熟外,你還要對新科技有一份狂熱,而且你要夠勇敢, 因為你將會跟著 CEO, CTO 及 Developer team 一起跳上探索未知的戰艦,研究 Machine Learning 等技術, 並運用這些技術優化現有產品或開發全新 app。

As an iOS Developer Intern, you will...

  • design, build and maintain advanced applications for iOS platform, which has been downloaded over 100 million times!
  • continuously discover, and evaluate, and utilize new technologies to maximize development efficiency (e.g., with tests and continuous integration).
  • participate in different fun hack projects (e.g., games, video apps, chat apps, VR).

We need someone who....

  • has experience in iOS development with Objective-C and Swift.
  • is familiar with object-oriented programming and data structures.
  • has knowledge of version control platforms. Preferred strong experience with git.
  • has strong ability and enthusiasm to learn new technologies in a short time.
  • enjoys challenges.
  • has strong communication skills.

As a Web developer Intern, you will...

  • design, build and maintain a large scale web application serving millions of people per day.
  • participate in various cool projects; for example, chatbot and data visualization project.
  • work in the team environments that apply agile methodologies (e.g., daily scrum).

We need someone who....

  • has experience in building dynamic websites with Ruby on Rails preferred, but will consider bright candidates with strong background in any framework, or even a self-written one!
  • has basic understanding of HTML/CSS/Javascript/RWD.
  • has a genuine enthusiasm for web development and thrives on learning new technologies.
  • is fluent in English.
  • never stop learning!

As a Machine Learning/Computer Vision Intern, you will...

  • research cutting-edge machine learning techniques and apply them for automated creativity.
  • quickly prototype simple machine learning models to demonstrate your ideas.
  • collaborate with the product and developer team to push new features to production.

We need someone who....

  • knows how to use at least one machine learning framework (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe...).
  • has experience manipulating/exploring data, in a personal project.
  • likes to understand the main ideas of new machine learning papers.
  • can work independently, take initiatives, in a team work environment.