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Community Intern

你的英語及第二外語流利、有著超高組織力和執行力,並對和使用者互動感興趣嗎? 加入拼貼趣你將負責社群管理、協助產品測試與優化、參與使用者訪談、文案編輯及翻譯等各項任務,擁有全方位的成長!

As a Community intern, you will dive in to the mobile app ecosystem by managing the user community of one of the world’s most popular photo applications, PicCollage. You will help to deliver app features to millions of users in a fast-moving startup environment. During your internship, you will work on several assignments from the list below based on your interests and strengths. You will also get a chance to learn new skills on the job through guided projects and collaboration with teammates!

Possible Responsibilities:

Learn how to create, market and support a popular consumer mobile application. Some possible tasks include:

  • user community management
  • user feedback interviews
  • app testing and bug reporting
  • social media curating & management
  • app store optimization (ASO)
  • content internationalization/localization
  • copywriting in multiple languages
  • app analytics
  • social media analytics

You will learn, firsthand, how to manage a diverse user community and deliver excellent user experience, from entering the app to customer service, to millions of users around the world.


  • You are great with people.
  • You are a problem solver.
  • You love to try out new apps and seek to understand user behavior.
  • You are resourceful and take the initiative.
  • You are capable of creative and critical thinking and are equipped with analytical skills.
  • You are organized, efficient, observant, patient and committed.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English. Additional languages and experience in copywriting and social media management are a plus!

Please note we prefer interns who can work at least three days a week (during the academic year) for at least 3 months. If you believe you fit the bill above, and are eager to start a new journey of being part of a fun and creative startup team, hesitate no more and join us!