Make the world fun and creative!

Make the world
fun and creative!

We’re constantly growing and evolving. That means we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join us on the adventure of building a new kind of creative technology company.

Our Culture

Customers at Our Core

We are driven to combine friendly design and serious technology to help people create. We build products that make photos and videos more fun and creative for millions in the universe.

Always Be Learning

We have a strong learning culture and passion for continuous improvement. Our team is encouraged to ask questions, challenge ideas, and be proactive at work and in communication.

Investing in Our Team and Community

Cardinal Blue only grows as much as its people. The ethos of Cardinal Blue is to question and learn from one another, iterate together, and build exceptional products that make a difference.

Additional Benefits

  • Awesome Office
  • Flexible Work Time
  • Free Lunch and Dinner
  • PicCafe
  • Sports Classes in Office
  • Team Activities and Workshops

Open Positions

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Application Process

  1. Online Video Interview: We want to get to know you better 👋🏻
  2. Quiz: Show us your knowledge and skills ✍🏻
  3. On-site Interview: You will participate in different tasks and situational exercises—this is for both of us to see if we are a match 🙂