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想加入擁有無限點子和充滿多元文化的團隊嗎?想要在超酷又溫馨的辦公室工作嗎?我們追求『開放、學習、分享』, 也積極開發3D、AR/VR、Machine Learning相關科技,讓人們用創意拼貼生活中值得分享的時刻, 歡迎各方高手與我們一起創造下個破億下載量的產品!

Do you like challenging problems, creative ideas, cool offices and talented teammates? Are you inventive, proactive and always learning?

Do you want to make the world more meaningful and magical?

Join us in our journey to combine friendly design and magical technology to help people celebrate the moments and relationships that matter to them. Work together with us to build apps (such as PicCollage) that make photos and videos more fun and meaningful for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

You will engage your creativity, explore emerging areas (3D, AR, VR), apply deep technologies (AI, CV) and build products for a global audience. Based on your skills and interests, you will have a chance to work on new algorithms, new designs, new content, new products and new partnerships. If this gets you excited, we want to hear from you!

Select a position below to find out more, and fill out a quick form (or contact us at
Note: Our open positions are located in Taipei, but we also have team members located in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

Check out our Medium Blog and Facebook Page to find out more about our work culture at PicCollage!

Life at PicCollage
Article thumb natalie
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Product Operations Intern
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Product Operations Intern
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Server Developer Intern
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